About Us

Hello my fellow addicts!

I've always been a fan of everything cute from plushy toys to the socks on my sons feet. My friends always ask where I get my cute little items from and they are normally from all different stores, so I thought why don't I start my own store to collate my collections and share them with everyone!

With the help from a few friends and my partner Cute Addictions was born! I've spent quite a lot of time finding suppliers who can provide high quality products and ensure a good shipping experience.

I also think customer service is important, how many times have you been put off from a store because of a rude server or how you were treated as a customer. This is why I have a refund policy in place and a contact form where I will response within 48 hours! 

I really hope you enjoy the experience of my store and I will be adding new products all the time and follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions


Cute Addictions